The School aims to ensure that its students realize their highest academic and personal potentials. It also aims to give them a firm foundation based upon the understanding of Indian culture, society and ideas. Though academic excellence is a priority, it is not the only focus. Our students are prepared for life.
      They are groomed to face the challenges of tomorrow and to be socially relevant. The cutting edge of St Mary's is its high quality of education and service, development of character, spirit, intellect and personality. At St Mary's equal importance is given to Co-curricular activities, thus nurturing the complete personality of the student. Sports and games are encouraged; music, art, dance and drama classes are conducted with the support from qualified, competent and renowned teachers.


  • St.Mary's was established in the year 1984 has completed 28 years of its historic journey in this temple city of Udupi.

  • Late Rev. Fr. J.P Tauro is the founder Correspondent. Under the dynamic leadership and zeal of the founder and visionary, from 1984 – 1988 has made the Institution what is today.

  • Rev. Fr. Peter Noronha from 1988 – 1995 the school grew from class V to X. He stressed on importance of extra – curricular activities.

  • Late. Rev. Fr. Peter Theodore D'Souza from 1995 – 1997 was very particular on instilling good communication skills.

  • Rev. Fr. Antony Serrao from 1997 – 2004 laid stress on togetherness, unity, discipline and hard work.

  • Rev. Fr. Mathew Vas headed the instution from the year 2004 - 2011. The impact made and the influence yielded is immense and incalculable.

  • Rev. Fr Fredrick Mascarenhas geared the task of quality enhancement from June 2011 - June 2017 and brought remarkable progress in school infrastructure including the launching of CBSE Senior Secondary seection with Science and Commerce streams.

  • Rev. Fr Valarian Mendonca took up the charge of Correspondentship from June 2017 and keen on adopting the latest teaching methodologies to provide the most innovative and updated learning experiences.


St Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady, Udupi, was established in the year 1984 with the vision of providing quality education to the enthusiastic learners of Udupi and enhancing its educational standards. The school flourished under the patronage of the Mother of Sorrows Church, Udupi,well-known for its spiritual leadership and dedicated social responsibility. The progressive evolution of the school is the result of the far-sightedness of the different Correspondents who were passionate in realizing the dream of nation-building through education. Today St Mary’s has established itself as a school with a difference.

The School is located in the serene ambience of lush greenery on the outskirts of Udupi, an ideal location for an educational institution, about a kilometer from the National Highway 66 and Kinnimulky. With its excellent educational infrastructure and innovative approach to education St Mary's keeps shining not only in academics but also co-curricular activities.

The School has the Vision to present socially responsible and morally upright global citizens to our society. Its Mission is to draw out the best from the students through academic and value education.

Rev. Fr Valerian Mendonca, an educationist of visionary approach with rich experience in teaching and music, is the Correspondent of this esteemed institution. The School is consistently and convincingly achieving outstanding results in various fields under the principalship of Ms Myrtle L F Lewis.

The school aims to ensure that its students realize the highest academic and personal potential. The CBSE curriculum has been systematically implemented in all the stages of schooling with progressive spirit.Committed efforts to achieve moral integrity and holistic growth through student centered methodology makes it the most conducive place for all the miracles of education that take place in the school.

Having rendered the best qualitative educational service for the past 3 decades, the school marches towards a new horizon.The school has extended the higher secondary education to Plus 2 level. The growing need for P.U. Education has been fulfilled with the introduction of the P.U. section. With all its resourcefulness and preparedness, the school has responded to the felt need of the future generation learners. Keeping in view the in-depth knowledge required to cope with the national level entrance test for professional courses, the CBSE syllabus has been suitably adopted at the Plus 2 level.

We have carefully designed an interactive knowledge-sharing method in St Mary's. The spacious, well-ventilated and bright classrooms with limited number of students provide an intimate and motivating learning atmosphere. The latest smart class technology keeps our classrooms active, alert and updated. The best and experienced teachers with high academic proficiency have been chosen to meet the standards of competency in every possible way. The informal and student-friendly teaching methodology, individual attention and plenty of scope for queries, discussions and debates, make learning a joyful experience in the school. We make sure that no sensitive need of the ever-curious and explorative learners remains unsatisfied. We believe that activity-based teaching makes the learning impact deeper and stronger. The group activity and coordinated works sharpen their social skills. Our sole intention is to bring out their inner potential. Our educational objective is to make them expressive, to share, be merry, mingle, adjust and be responsible. We dream to see the vibrant, focused and determined young boys and girls stepping into the global village of our society with confidence and courage.

All national and religious festivals are celebrated in the campus with their true spirit which fills the campus with the feelings of patriotism, integrity and harmony.      

The school has won a number of awards at the state and national levels in sports, science exhibition and theatre activities. It is a great honour that our Institution has been crowned with the International School Award by the British Council of India successively for two terms, recognizing its outstanding efforts in designing creative co-curricular activities.

Do enjoy being with the St Mary’s fraternity! Experience the most peaceful, soothing, creative, inspiring and intellectually motivating atmosphere of  St Mary’s.


St Mary's English Medium School is located in the serene ambience of farm lands on the outskirts of Udupi, an ideal location for an educational institution, about a kilometer from National Highway 66 and also Kinnimulky. With its excellent educational infrastructure and innovative approach to education, St Mary's has created a name for itself not only in Udupi but even in the State

Our School Managing Committee:

St Mary's English School is a minority institution run by the Catholic Board of Education of the Diocese of Udupi and Mangalore, which is a registered body. It is a non-profitable Minority Christian Institution working for the welfare of the people of India. It is meant to impart quality education without distinction of caste or creed, as subject to the departmental rules . Click Here


The Mother of Sorrows Church of Udupi has a history of more than a century. The Church started a Kannada Medium Elementary School in the year 1940.In the year 1942 it was upgraded as a Higher Elementary School and in 1982 it became St Mary's High School. In the year 1984 the English Medium School was started by opening L. K. G and I Standard. In the year 1991 – 92 the English Medium High School was started. It became a full-fledged High School, recognized by the Government of Karnataka vide Order No: ED 674 SED 91 dated 22–07–1992.


    1. All-round development of students - intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual.
    2. Fostering critical thinking, creative ability and intellectual excellence.
    3. Formation of good Indian citizens, deeply loyal to God and the Country.
    4. Development of concern towards the poor and the weak.
    5. Solidarity as an Institution without caste or communal prejudices.


Boys    - Primary      : Prescribed cream and red checked shirt & Cream half pants
            High School  : Prescribed cream and red checked shirt & Cream full pants
Girls    - Primary      : Cream blouse and prescribed cream and red checked pinafore
            High School  : Cream blouse and Prescribed cream and red checked pinafore
School belt, Cream socks and black shoes.

Wednesday : Blue T-Shrit with school emblem and white pants/shorts/skirts
Saturday : White uniform with white shoes and socks.
All the students must be in School Uniform on all working days.

Students have to come to school in uniform even when they come to attend special classes, Library/ Computer or other Programmes.
No student is allowed to wear any other coloured T-shirt or shorts while in school campus except on Teacher's Day and Children's Day..

  School Timings:
          Prayer (Assembly)    :     9:15 am  to  9:30 am
          Class Timings     :    9:15 a.m   to  4:00 p.m
          Saturday      :      9:15   to 12:15 noon
Students are not allowed to leave the School campus during School hours.

School Office Hours : Monday to Friday 8:45 a.m to 3:45 p.m .


1. Syllabus

St Mary’s follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Syllabus and uses English as the medium of instruction with due importance given to national and regional languages.

2. Affiliation

St Mary’s is affiliated to CBSE, Ministry of the Human Resources Development, Government of India New Delhi. The School has approval for Primary classes and Affiliation for Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes. St Mary’s has secured the required permission from the Department of Education, Government of Karnataka to run a Central School.

3. Admission

St Mary’s is open to all children irrespective of caste, creed, religion or region, subject to the departmental rules. A child should have completed three and a half, and five and a half years by May while seeking admission to LKG and I Std respectively. The same will be the basis for calculation of age for admission to higher classes as well. Prospectus and Registration / Application Form for admission can be availed from the school office.

4. Indian languages

Every student is expected to study Kannada upto Class VIII to be eligible to appear for Class X Examination. School follows a two language policy for Class IX and X. The students are allowed to choose either Kannada or Hindi as second language in addition to English as first Language (Compulsory).

5. School Fee, Bus and Canteen Fee

Tuition Fees are to be paid in three instalments in the branches of the Syndicate Bank. Those who opt for Transport and Canteen facilities shall pay it in 3 instalments in the Bank.

6. Appeal to Parents

Parents are requested to abide by all the rules and regulations of the School. Keep yourself updated by reading the School Diary so that you can motivate your child to achieve the best. The best can be drawn out from the child if the Parents and teachers work hand in hand. Let us together see your children bloom and climb the ladder of success