In Service Training for Staff
In Service Training for Teacher's 2014-15

The new academic year 2015-16 began with great joy and enthusiasm . The teachers offered hearty welcome to all the students.The students were happy to see the newly decorated classrooms and colourful theme paintings on the wall .The first assembly of the new academic session was started with a special prayer session seeking the blessings of the almighty for the success of all activities throughout the year.Students were guided and motivated by the Principal to keep up the culture and discipline of the school. Later the Students were allowed to share the experiences of their summer holidays.

World Environment Day 5th June- The students of St. Mary’s English Medium School celebrated World Environment Day in a special way. Early morning some students and teachers went to the Malpe beach and created a sand art to create awareness among the public “Greener Earth Safer Tomorrow”. In the school students were busy creating indigenous paper bags and appealing greeting cards with awareness messages. Later in the afternoon they went in a procession through Balaji Layout and distributed the cards to the residents and paper-bags to the shop-keepers. The students contributed in their own way to the noble cause. The programme was organized under the leadership of the Principal Ms. Myrtle LF Lewis.

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Lead us to a bright future 2015 - 16
World Environment Day 2015-16

A day’s Orientation programme was organized by the Principal Ms. Myrtle L. F Lewis on 30th May for the parents of children who would be joining the lower K. G. class in the coming academic year. The parents were made familiar with the teachers, teaching techniques and the activities of the school. They were made aware of the importance of good health and the ill effects of ‘junk food’.

The Correspondent Rev. Fr. Fredrick Mascarenhas presided over the programme . He gave valuable advice to the young parents. Ms. Deepa Bhandary welcomed the gathering and Ms. Ashwine Rodrigues proposed the vote of thanks

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The Investiture Ceremony School Parliament-Kannarpady,Udupi: The investituure ceremony of the newly formed school parliament of St. Mary’s English Medium School ,Kannarpady was held on 12th june 2015 .The members were inducted by the secrtary of Catholic Education Society , Udupi Rev.Fr. Lawrence D’souza .The oath was taken by the members led by the speaker Neha Harish . The chief guest stressed the need of social ,emotional and spiritual development along with scholastic .The correspondent delivered the message on the importance of being dedicated leaders in the true sence .The principal Ms.Myrtle .L.F. Lewis welcomed the gathering.Newly elected Student Pupil Leader Shaun Auton Mendonca presented the plans and agenda of the new academic year . Assistant S.P.L Akshitha proposed the vote of thanks. Assitant parish priest of Mother of sorrows church Udupi Fr. Royson Mendonca was present on the occasion. Glancia Pinto was the master of ceremony

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Orientation for Kindergaten Parents 2015-16
School Parliament 2015-16
Inauguration of various clubs 2014-15
Computer Lab Inauguration "BITS & BYTES"
Dr. P. V Bhandary Talk on Tobacco Abuse
Poster Making Competition - Effects of Tobacco

St Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady -International Day of Yoga- More than 600 students of St Mary’s English Medium School participated in the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2015 under the guidance of Ms. Shobha Shetty a certified teacher of the B. K S Iyengar Yoga Institute Pune.

Two days workshop on confidence building and goal setting was conducted by Mr. Deepak Putturaj (ex-military man) for the students of class X on 10th and 27th June 2015. The workshop aimed at building confidence among young minds and motivate them towards seting good goals for quality life. Mr Deepak Putturaj enlightened the participants regarding the discipline, possitive attitude and visionary approach as the stages of preparation to marks success in life.

International Day of Yoga
Poster Making Competition - Effects of Tobacco

Onam Celebrations with ‘Phukolam’- The fervor of the colourful festival of flowers spread through St. Mary’s School. Students in groups with no distinctions creatively designed ‘phukolams’ or colourful floral carpets and gave a transformed look to the campus. They enjoyed exhibiting their imagination and it was a feast to the eyes.

Eid-ul-fitr celebration at St.Mary’s Kannarpady- Eid-ul-Fitr festival, marking the concluding moments of the holy month of Ramadan was celebrated with joy and religious fervor in St.Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady. Kids dressed in traditional attire greeted each other with hugs and shared the good wishes of Eid-ul-Fitr. Hymns from the holy Quran highlighting the message of peace, harmony and oneness were quoted and the wishing songs were sung by children. Students also came out with beautiful speeches describing the cultural significance and the values associated with the celebration of this festival. The principal Ms.Myrtle L.F.Lewis had organized the program .The teachers and students were present on the occasion

Onam Celebration
Ramzan Celebration

A 3D film show had been organized in St.Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady Udupi in association with 3D X Magic- a Kerala based organization. 6 short 3D films of different subjects such as Space journey , biodiversity , world of advertisement , magic etc were screened during the show. Around 1200 students from primary and highschool section viewed the show. The Principal Ms.Myrtle L.F.Lewis had organized the program .The teachers and students were present on the occasion

The students and the staff of St.Mary’s English Medium School Kannarpady ,Udupi paid homage to Dr.Abdul Kalam the former president and the renowned scientist of India in a condolence meet held near clock tower ,service bus stand Udupi. It had been convened by ‘Nagarika Samithi Udupi in the presence of the religious heads of different faiths and other dignitaries. The students offered prayers and songs to pay tribute to the departed soul. The virtuous and memorable instances from the life of Kalam were remembered on the occasion . Rev. Father Fredrick Mascahrenas,the correspondent of St. Mary’s Educational Institutions and the parish priest of Mother of Sorrows church Udupi expressed his deep condolence to Dr. Kalam. , Father Royson Fernandes the assistant parish priest of Mother of Sorrows church Udupi, Mr. Nityananda Olakadu from the Nagarika Samithi Udupi and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. The students and dignitaries paid floral tribute to the photograph of Dr. Abdul Kalam. The religious heads

3DX Film show in St.Mary’s English School, Kannarpady
St Mary's pays tributes to Dr Abdul Kalam

More than 250 Students of St. Mary's English Medium School Kannarpady enthusiastically participated in the flower arrangement competition on the occasion of the celebration of the auspicious 'Shravana ' month of the Hindu calender. The competition intended to develop the aesthetic sense and creative skills among students and to make them familiar with the native plant species . The beautifully designed arrangements were later exhibited in the school campus.

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Science Exhibition
Flower Arrangement

Kannarpady, Udupi: A days awareness programme on child protection was held in St.Mary’s English Medium School Kannarpady on 29th August. Dr. Rajalaxmi a well known social activist who is renowned for her campaign against child abuse through Shristi Life conducted this awareness programme. She highlighted the different forms of child abuse and enlightened the audience regarding the preventive safety measures to be adopted. Her speech stressed the need of a sense of responsibility which is to be developed among children towards their body and self dignity. More than 400 parents and 500 students were benefited and motivated by her impressive speech. The correspondent of St.Mary’s Educational Institutions Rev. Fr. Fredrick Mascarenhas took personal interest and concern to organize this awareness programme realizing the need of sensitization among students and parents. Children’s vulnerability to various abuses and threats in both urban and rural social setup were thoroughly discussed and debated during interaction with her. The programme was coordinated by the Principal Miss. Myrtle. L.F. Lewis . The staff was separately guided on the rights of children and safety measures to be incorporated in schools .

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Kannarpady, Udupi: A special guest lecture on the protection of sparrows was organized in St.Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady on 31st August .Dr. N.A. Madhyastha , retired Professor in Zoology enlightened the students regarding the effects of environmental degradation on the natural lifestyle of sparrows. He appealed to the students to help with the cause of providing a safe living atmosphere for sparrows. He also expressed his concern for the fast vanishing species of sparrows due to the ecological imbalance caused by man’s insensitivity . He sensitized the students on the skills of bird watching during the discussion followed by the lecture. The passionate words of Dr. N.A. Madyastha was able to ignite the spirit of eco-friendly attitude among the student. School has taken-up 'Saving our tiny friend Sparrow project' as a part of British Council India’s International School Award Project. The programme was co-ordinated by I.S.A. coordinator Mrs. Roopa Ashok. Principal Miss Myrtle L.F.Lewis, Vice Principal Mrs. Deepa Bhandary and the staff were present on the occasion.

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Awareness Programme on Child Protection
Save Sparrow

5 senior teachers of St.Mary's English Medium School Kannarpady including the principal were honored by the Sydicate Bank during the teachers day celebration held on 5th September in the school campus Miss Myrtle Lewis [Principal] ,Mrs.Deepa Bhandary [Vice principal] , Mr. Gerald Pinto [Physical instructor ] , Mrs. Rita Quadros [Asst.Teacher], Mrs. Manjula Blazo [Asst.Teacher] were honored for their rich experience and excellence in the field of teaching . Rev.Father .Lawrence.C.D'souza, the secretary of Catholic Education Society Udupi , Rev.Father.Fredrick Mascarenhas , the correspondent of St.Mary's Educational Institutions were present on the occasion.

Mr. U.Ganeshan the G.M of Syndicate bank honored the teachers. Mr.Bharam Gouder the D.G.M .proposed the vote of thanks. Mr. Prem Natha Chief Manager was also present.

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The students of St.Mary's English Medium School, Kannarpady entertained teachers through various dance and music presentations on the occasion of Teacher’s day . Various competition were also conducted on this occasion to bring to light the other hidden talents of the teachers

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Udupi, Sep 4: Catholic Education Board Mangaluru and Catholic Education Society, Udupi organized Teachers’ Day- 2015, on Friday September 4 at St Mary’s English Medium School, Kannarpady here.

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The senior teachers honored by Syndicate bank at St.Mary's Kannarpady
Teacher Day Celebration-St. Mary’s Kannarpady
Floral Rangoli Competition
Deepavali Celebration

St Mary’s celebrated Independency day with great passion and patriotic fervor. Variety of dances skits and other cultural performances were presented to recollect the glorious memories of India’s freedom struggle.

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Independance Day Celebration

Correspondent’s Birthday was celebrated with overwhelming joy and pride on 14th august .loving wishes of birthday were conveyed through wishing songs and dances. A great occasion to express a heartfelt gratitude to his visionary leadership!

Correspondent’s Birthday Celebration
Samskrithi Habba

The nativity of Mother Mary was celebrated with great devotion and joy in the school campus .Children and staff offered flowers for their patron saint. Sweets and sugarcane were distributed to all on the occasion

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Ms.Biggs-teacher from UK visited the school
Nativity Celebration

The students of St.Mary’s English School, Kannarpady offered flowers to Mahatma Gandhi’s photo and conducted an all religion prayer session on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi celebration. The students were enlightened by teachers regarding the life and principles of Gandhi.

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On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi a group of 50 Teachers of St.Mary’s English Medium School Kannarpady visited Siyona Ashram near Belthangadi which is meant for mentally challenged. Understanding the condition and the problems of the mental retarders , witnessing the method of treatment and extending a helping hand to their rehabilitation were the main objectives behind this visit. Groceries, clothes and other daily requirements were distributed to Ashram dwellers during the visit. A day’s salary of all the teachers were collected and donated to Ashram towards its maintenance. The programme had been organized under the guidance of the Correspondent Rev.Fr. Fred Mascarenhas and coordinated by Principal Miss Myrtle L.F.Lewis.

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Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration
St Mary's Teachers Visit SiyonaAshram

The students of St.Mary’s English Medium School Kannarpady visited orphanages, Old age homes and Rehabilitation Centers for mentally challenged as a part of their Community Outreaching Programme on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi celebration. 6 different groups of students under the leadership of teacher coordinators visited Spandana Special School Nejar, Manasa Special School Pamboor,Krishnanugraha Child Adoption Centre Nittur , Goratti Sandhya Dhama Old Age Home Kalyanpura, Spoorthy Dhama Koteshwara ,Karunalaya Old Age Home Brahmavara and Omega Old Age Home Brahmavar. Clothes, groceries, snacks and fruits were distributed by the students to the less privileged during the visit. The programme intended to create a sense of social responsibility among school students so also to sensitize them towards the apathetic condition of less privileged and specially abled. Around 300 students spent a valuable time in these Ashrams and Special Schools and meaningfully observed Gandhi Jayanthi by mingling along with ashram dwellers and performing short entertainment programmes for them. Practicing the Gandhian principles through social service and being the cause of a smile in the faces of Orphans, Senior citizens and differently abled was a really a great experience for the students. The programme had been organized under the guidance of the Correspondent Rev.Fr. Fred Mascarenhas and coordinated by Principal Miss Myrtle L.F.Lewis

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Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated with great reverence and enthusiasm. The tiny tots come dressed as Radhe/Krishna and participate in the 'Dahi Handi' breaking activity. The pots are filled with sweets, nuts, puffed rice, ladoos and chakuli all time children's favourites. Laughter and joy is spread all around.

Community Outreaching Programme by St. Mary’s Students
Krishna Janmashtami Celebration
Sports Day Celebration
Children's Day Celebration
Interaction with Foreigners
Annual Day Celebrations

The amateur Dramatists of St. Mary’s English Medium School compiled and presented a drama “Beckon of Hope” on the theme ‘ Shakespeare celebrating for 450 years’ at the finals organized by British Council India at Kolkata on 8th December 2013.  Out of 150 scripts received by the panel of British Council, 45 scripts were shortlisted for the semifinals and 9 best scripts were selected for the finals. The drama critically analyses and voices against gender discrimination and female atrocities which are depicted through a story where the three female characters of Shakespearean play rebel against male dominant society and challenge it. Drama ends with the message for the youngsters to sensitize themselves towards sexual abuse which is the most relevant and burning issue of today’s world. Mrs Deepa Bhandary and Mr Vinay Suvarna assisted and guided the students. The participants were Amrutha, Coleen, Simran, Sabron, Oliver, Newton, Fedalio, Vinroy.

St Mary’s English Medium School has participated in the National Level Science Drama fair which held at Mumbai on 10th  and 11th of January2014. The students  performed a drama on green energy ”Ingalada Hejjegalu” with a message of popularizing the usage of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, tidal energy and wind energy. Drama has made remarkable achievement by winning Ist place in district, zonal, state and south India levels . The south India zonal level competition was held in VITM ,Bangalore on 10th of December 2013. Out of 10 school teams from different south Indian states our school was awarded with the first place and also bagged the best actress prize. The performance at National Level was greatly appreciated by juries.
The participants were Ornella, Vibha, Relta, Karthik, Aditya, Saurav, Akshay, Ramya. The Teacher Coordinators were Mrs Poornima and Mrs Amrutha.
English Drama at National Level Kolkatta
St Mary's In National Level Science Drama Fair

St Mary's English Medium School, Kannarpady has been awarded with the prestigious British Council Award for the period of three years for Outstanding Development of International learning in the curriculum. The School had taken up 9 projects to help the children explore globally on topics regarding art, culture, Science, Environment etc. It had also conducted various activities regarding the same which helped the students to compare between different cultures of different countries and develop the spirit of Internationalism and brotherhood. The quality and Social concern behind the activities was the main criteria for the selection of the award. The award was handed over by Rob Lynes, Director British Council India, in a function held at ITC Sonar Kolkatta on 16-11-2013 which was attended by the Principal Miss Myrtle L F Lewis and ISA co-ordinator Mrs. Roopa Ashok. The constant support and timely suggestions by the Correspondent Very Rev Fr Fred Mascarenhas helped in achieving this new educational milestone.

After rendering a fruitful service of 29 years in the Karnataka Board of Education St Mary’s English Medium School has now switched over to the C.B.S.E syllabus. It was a proud moment on 7th of December when the switch over ceremony was inaugurated by his Lordship Very Rev. Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo, The Bishop of Udupi Diocese. To cater to the changing needs the school campus is facilitated with spacious classrooms with projectors, vast playground, library with good collection of books, hygienic canteen, science and computer labs with advanced equipments and transport facility from various destinations. Both curricular and co-curricular activities are given equal importance for the all round development of the student in the school. The school is adorned with both state and national awards in the sports and cultural field. The future plans include exposing the students globally so that they can connect themselves with the changing scenario.
International School Award by British Council India
Inauguration of Switch Over to C.B.S.E